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Yabotí Biosphere Reserve, Misiones, Argentina

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Regenerative experiences to return to nature

We design regenerative tourist experiences in a natural reserve in the heart of the Misiones jungle

Protected Natural Area of ​​75 hectares

Lodge con cuatro cabañas rodeadas de naturaleza

Guided nature tourism experiences

Regional gastronomy

Production of native species in nurseries

​Reintroduction of native fauna

​Sustainable food production in agroforestry

Chascomús, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Quilmes, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Fungal biotechnology to transform the world

We apply fungal biotechnology for the production of gourmet mushrooms from beer bagasse

​Production and marketing of fresh mushrooms: oyster mushrooms, lion's mane, shitakee

Self-cultivation kits


Assistance technique

to entrepreneurship

R&D of new products and services

Yabotí Biosphere Reserve, Misiones, Argentina

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​Native nursery &

Regeneration Lab

​We produce native species, germplasm, and facilitate strategies to restore degraded ecosystems

Cultivation and marketing on demand

​Technical assistance for the creation and management of producer nurseries

Introduction and management of native species in urban trees

Design and development of action plans and strategies to recover and restore degraded ecosystems throughout the country

Godoy Cruz 1653 (1414). Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Supply and demand of recyclable materials

Circular transition platform

Mapping and connecting post-consumer waste, byproducts and losses

​Supply of recycled raw materials to industries

Incubation of triple impact entrepreneurs

Valcheta, Meseta de Somuncurá, Río negro, Argentina


Wildlife Refuge & Carbon Sink

We conserve and restore 5,550 hectares dedicated to the protection of wildlife and the fight against climate change on the Somuncurá Plateau, Río Negro

Área protegida de gestión privada

Passive restoration

​Wildlife reintroduction

Carbon credits


​Reflections for urban regeneration

We collaboratively produce knowledge and plurality of visions about cities, including technical, cultural, economic, social, political and environmental aspects in a broad sense

​Digital magazine specialized in urban planning


Reflection cycles

La Plata, Zona de Plaza Moreno (Argentina) 

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​Dissemination of the value of nature

We market and edit nature texts to make a real contribution to conservation

Publishing and marketing of nature books

Dissemination of the work of nature photographers, researchers, scientists and conservationists

Raising awareness about the knowledge, conservation and protection of all the species that inhabit Argentina and Latin America

Godoy Cruz 1653 (1414). Buenos Aires, Argentina


Sustainable energy transition

We design customized energy solutions to enhance efficiency, maximize savings and reduce impact

​Energy Management Systems to increase efficiency and reduce costs

​Technical assistance, technologies and installations for renewable energies with efficient design

Calculation and neutrality of energy footprint

Assistance with national and international certifications and energy labeling

Training on efficient energy management

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