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Terrargia: sustainable energy transition

La Ciudad Posible Team

People's quality of life and economic development globally depend critically on access to energy. Energy to produce, manufacture, feed us, transport us, heat us and cool our homes. Energy that is currently produced 80% from fossil fuels, and whose growth in demand worldwide will increase by 25% by 2040, with an increasingly high environmental and economic cost.

Energy production, distribution and consumption constitute the main cause of global climate change, accounting for around 60% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, and 80% of carbon dioxide emissions. (CO2), which according to the IEA (International Energy Agency), in 2019 reached a total of 33.1 Giga tons. In turn, the fossil fuel value chain emits approximately 110 million tons of methane per year in the production and use of natural gas, coal and oil, but around 8% of the production of the former is lost through cause of leaks, burning and leaks.

Added to this very high environmental cost in terms of climate impact are the risks that the exploration and exploitation of new potential fossil fuel deposits entail for areas of incalculable ecosystem value. The recent news of the discovery of an oil reserve 30 times larger than Vaca Muerta in Antarctica not only threatens an ecosystem that protects 90% of fresh water and acts as a sink for 35% of the world's carbon (which again to the continent an essential area to sustain life on the planet), but it can also imply the awakening of geopolitical conflicts.

Since the beginning of 2024, strong increases have been recorded in energy services in Argentina, with increases of approximately 185% in electricity rates and between 350% and 475% in natural gas rates. This means higher operating costs for industries and SMEs, while affecting family economies in the face of a winter that is projected to have very low temperatures, fully impacting the difficult context that lies ahead.

In the framework of a triple crisis of climate, ecosystem and stock of global resources, with a scenario of temperature increase of up to 4.4°C by the end of the century (and with extreme events that are already shaking us, such as heat waves, extreme rainfall, floods and prolonged droughts), which add to the socioeconomic crisis that our country is going through, we urgently need to transform the way we produce and consume energy.

Among the possibilities we have, energy efficiency is the first fuel for a sustainable global energy system, and is crucial to combating climate change, improving energy security and growing economies. In other words, energy efficiency means doing more with less; that is: “obtain the greatest amount of useful energy from the least amount of energy possible, and not waste it.”

Adopting an efficient energy policy is crucial today. It is possible to save up to 40% on energy costs by implementing actions such as energy diagnostics, process optimization, use of renewable energy, more efficient architectural designs or implementation of energy management systems.

With this spirit we created Terrargia: a venture of La Ciudad Posible, in alliance with Gasol Solar, whose purpose is to accelerate the sustainable energy transition, helping companies, industries and homes to be more efficient in their energy consumption, maximizing savings and minimizing the environmental impact.

At Terrargia we address 360° of renewable production and efficient energy consumption.

To get started and identify savings opportunities in your consumption or understand what your needs or those of your company are, we have a free Energy Clinic, a virtual care space with a specialist, who will have previously analyzed your consumption data (which We will ask you to provide us with an online form).

We carry out energy diagnoses to detect inefficiencies in the processes, carry out an exhaustive analysis of energy consumption and propose specific corrective measures, and evaluate and renegotiate contracts with distribution companies, according to the energy required.

In turn, we advise you to implement energy management systems, based on the continuous improvement cycle of the IRAM - ISO 50001 standard, to monitor and control energy consumption in real time, identify consumption patterns, detect possible inefficiencies and take action. the necessary corrective measures.

We design and execute renewable energy projects for the generation of electrical energy for self-consumption and injection of surpluses, and we develop construction and remodeling projects to maximize efficiency from the design.

We also accompany you in the measurement, reduction and compensation of the energy carbon footprint, to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases, and contribute to the fulfillment of national and international goals, and we provide training programs and workshops for energy managers, installation and maintenance of renewable energy technologies, and energy efficiency.

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